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Following are descriptions of the common categories of work models are hired to do. Also listed are descriptions and lists of client types. It is important to understand the different expectations for models in different types of work and that some of these categories may overlap. There may also be different rate scales for each of these jobs. The order of listing here is alphabetical and does not imply relative size or importance of the category.

Advertising modeling promotes a product usually in print form - such as magazine ads, and display posters but also includes video and television. Models are used in advertising photography for virtually every product imaginable. Widely promoted consumer products such as clothing, makeup and personal items give models some of the greatest public exposure. Advertising clients can range from model bookers at fashion companies to photographers to the marketing staff in charge of the product and campaign.

Catalog work is considered the bread and butter of the modeling industry. Catalog clients use models of all ages usually deemed classically beautiful.

Commercial print and specialty modeling include areas such as petite, plus size, swimwear, lingerie, hand, foot, body, athletic, fitness, character and lifestyle modeling. Commercial modeling may involve making appearances at trade shows or other events or acting in television commercials.

Specialty modeling can be a good way for a model to build a steady stream of work. However, some of the specialties have very limited demand. Clients can be model editors, photographers and model bookers from ad agencies or production companies.

excuitive models EDITORIAL :
Editorial work is the type of modeling that that helps build hype and popularity around a model's career. Examples of editorial work can be found in fashion magazines such as Pulp, Black, Fashion Quartely to name a few; the work is displayed in the form of story or theme. Fashion magazines usually choose top models for these stories. New girls that are chosen have a great opportunity to build some buzz around their image helping to boost their careers.

Editorial work gives the model a great opportunity to work with the industry's' best designers, photographers, stylists, makeup artists and hair stylists. The clients for editorial work tend to be the model editors of publications and sometimes the photographers.

Runway work is most often associated with fashion shows. Fashion shows can be staged locally, such as at a shopping mall, or more famously at the introduction of designer fashion lines to the major buyers from department stores and catalogs. Rather than use photographs, the designers display their garments on live models giving it a "stage" element.

These live shows are critical to the designers because buyers from larger department stores will place large orders if they like what they see. Naturally, much emphasis is placed on choosing the most appropriate models to make the fashions look best. The clients for runway models tend to be designers or their representatives.

Fashion designers will also employ models as Fit models, where the model serves as a human mannequin while the designer fine-tunes the garment design in preparation for manufacture.

Finally, designers will employ models for Show Room modeling. This is similar to runway, but usually occurs in a smaller setting for a small group of major wholesale fashion buyers.

Fashion shows at malls or other local places are usually staged by retailers to show the newly arriving fashions to the buying public. These shows tend to use local talent from nearby model agencies. The client may be a fashion buyer for the retailer or may be a casting director for the company producing the show.


As mention previously,this sector comes in two parts, day and evening promo girls.
bikini models

Day Promotional Models need to be full of beans, bursting with confidence and energy and able to think on their feet. Our promo models are expected to not only look great, but work hard giving out promotional material, learning about the products we are promoting quickly and efficiently in order to convey the appropriate information to the clients and therefore being able to answer most product related questions on the spot. Promo Girls need to be able to work in strange conditions without complaint, sometimes it's raining or cold and you'll need to keep a big smile on your face and look great.

Evening Promotional Models should be classically good looking, with slim toned bodies and wear classy dresses with heels to clubs and bars. Hostess work includes looking after the guestlist, taking drinks orders for VIP groups, showing people around the clubs, dancing and being merry without getting legless. Evening Promotional Girls are usually hired to make the club look good.

If you have represented the Impact Models in an adverse manner, do not stick to our terms and conditions, make the agency look bad or we receive complaints about you, you may have your pay docked and be removed from the agency. We are always asking our clients for feedback and are happy to say that 99 times out of 100 they are pleased and want to use our agency again. However the 1% that are complained about will find themselves removed from the agency. If a situation arises that you are unhappy with whilst at work, you should always call your manager immediately to discuss.

If you're accepted into the agency, here's some important information:

Self Employment
Impact Models promo girls are self employed models and it's important that each model pays their own tax.

Impact Models operates a strict ZERO TOLERANCE to no shows. One black mark and you're out, no excuses.

Get there early
Wear appropriate clothing
Be prepared - may have to bring a change of clothing
Be polite and professional at all times, attitude is everything (and have a lot of fun!)

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