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Model & Promotional Girl Application form.

This form covers a model, talent and promo girl listing with us.

Promotional: Two types of events, either day or evening promo girls.

Day Promotional Models need to be full of beans, bursting with confidence and energy and able to think on their feet. Our promo models are expected to not only look great, but work hard giving out promotional material, learning about the products we are promoting quickly and efficiently in order to convey the appropriate information to the clients and therefore being able to answer most product related questions on the spot. Promo Girls need to be able to work in strange conditions without complaint, sometimes it's raining or cold and you'll need to keep a big smile on your face and look great.Impact Models

Evening Promotional Models should be classically good looking, with slim toned bodies and wear classy dresses with heels to clubs and bars. Hostess work includes looking after the guest list, taking drinks orders for VIP groups, showing people around the clubs, dancing and being merry without getting legless. Evening Promotional Girls are usually hired to make the club look good.

Promo Model Traits

A promo girl must be able to look good for long days without the help of makeup artists and retouching! A promo model must be almost 'conventionally' good looking, i.e. the general public would consider the promo model to be attractive or even gorgeous as opposed to the looks of some fashion models which can be more of an acquired taste.
The aim of most clients that hire a promo model is to promote a healthy, successful and friendly image from their promotional models thus attracting the right kind of attention to their firm.

With that in mind, all Impact models, actors and promo girls are expected to perform in a professional manner at all times without any drinking, smoking or swearing on the job.

Please take 10min to fill in the form below as completely as possible.

You will need to provide your measurements plus 3 or more recent and clear photos incl a head shot and full body shot.
These photos are what you will be selected on so supplying clear, fresh photos of just you can mean the difference between having a standout profile on web site or just being listed on books pending suitable images.
Facebook photos of you out clubbing with friends or standing solo in front of mirror with phone camera are not what we are looking for sorry.

We can arrange a 2 hour professional portfolio photography service subsidised by Impact for $300 which includes high quality images on cd along with modelling, make-up & wardrobe advice. Check the portfolio photography page for more details.

All information is strictly confidential and contact details will not be passed on to any third party. Before you fill out the form, think about what you want from modelling.


About you

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Contact details

Please supply at least one phone number

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If you have an existing online portfolio on any sites like,,,, facebook etc, please list ID's below.

Height: *(required)
Dress Size:  
Eye Colour:  
Hair Colour:  
Hair Style:  
Men only
Inside leg: Men only














Body art/marks e.g. birthmarks and scars, tattoos and piercing's, give details of their locations.

Distinguishing Marks: (birthmarks or scars)



(add to notes above)


For both model & talent agency, describe any talents or skills which may help e.g. foreign languages spoken, play musical instrument, etc. or any relative training e.g. dancing, modelling, catalog work, hair, makeup, fashion, photography experience, etc.

Other Information  
Do you have a car? Yes   No
Do you smoke? Yes   No
Are you willing to travel?
Interested in hair, make-up,
modelling, or photography tution?
Type of work
Please specify the types of work you are prepared to do.      
day handing out leaflets in the street, at exhibitions, motorsport events      
night hosting events, meet & greet, serving drinks at private functions etc      
Promo 18+ wearing swim wear or lingerie, serving drinks at private functions, or carwash etc      
advertising products for brochures, mags, internet, TV, etc      
Modeling, Acting Appearing in Films/TV or in promotional/music videos      
Advertising clothing live on a catwalk, fashion shows, etc.      
Modeling, Fashion Studio or location photography for magazine, Catalog or stock      
Modeling, Lingerie Lingerie or swim wear for photography, advertising, or live fashion shows etc.      
Modeling, 18+ wearing transparent outer clothing      
Modeling, Artistic Nude Part or totally nude, figure study showing body form, often not showing face.      

Portfolio photos are your selling key so it need to show your personality, style and attitude.

At least 1 clear, recent image is required of you to support your application, but preferably 6 clear, images either professional or by locally shot with minimal makeup showing head/face, smiling, head and shoulders and full body, 3/4 body, side profile, or different looks of you looking your best are suitable to create and online portfolio unless taking the professional portfolio photography option below.

Extra images or complete portfolios can be emailed directly to for consideration.
if you have additional images already on a web site, (eg. facebook etc.) or existing portfolio online, please note that web site address in the box above for on-line portfolios'.

File types jpeg, jpg, tiff, png, gif, bmp, pdf and a few others. Under 2mb thanks.

Image 1 * (required)   Image 4
Image 2   Image 5
Image 3   Image 6
Portfolio Photography Package: Tick here if you wish to include a 2 hour professional portfolio photography service (Taranaki only unless otherwise arranged) subsidised by Impact for $300 to jump start your career with high quality images along with modelling, make-up & wardrobe advice. (more details here - Portfolio Photography)


"All information including images submitted to Impact Models in support of sign-up application may be used to promote the applicant and/or Impact Models (nz).
Submitting this application does not guarantee acceptance into agency until formal contract has been read and signed.
It also does not guarantee or imply any regular promo or modelling opportunities at any time."

   Please select read terms. I have read and agree to terms and conditions above. * (required)


When you are confident you have entered all the information required, click the send information button below.
Please be patient while image files upload and when complete, you will be redirected to a success page and receive a confirmation email.


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